The Reclamation

The War of Damus sent the once peaceful nations into a downward spiral of war, plague, and greed. Hundreds of thousands of mortals have been slain in less than a century, a portal to the Abyss lies open and the Shadowfel is slowly bleeding into the Prime through the acts of the Twin Princes.

The Yoluthian Pantheon were angered by these events, as more and more mortals perished the stability of the Prime began to falter, descending closer to the Elemental Chaos. In an instinctive manner the Primal Spirits decided to reclaim the Prime from the grips of civilization. At first the Reclamantion was slow, forests grew unnaturally fast and animals became abundant aiding those mortals that live as one with the Prime. Steadily the pace of growth increased, becoming destructive, overwhelming farming land, small cities and towns.

Across the known world panic spread, the Heirophant’s people sent emissaries to the Baronies of Merxia, Damus, King Higraf’s Regent and the Eastern Prince. Each emissary requested the presense of the leaders of each land to convene at the Oracular Citadel, a towering fortress inhabited by one of the few remaining oracles of the Heirophant.

The gathering of leaders, referred to as the Titan’s Council, discussed potential strategies to escape the Reclamation. A baron from Merxia, Daran Faraaz, brought with him a rare ritual that contained the directions to create wonderous constructs able to support small towns on their backs. The Council decided to modify the ritual to expand the constructs to be able to support entire cities. This required the efforts of all the cities; the massive forges of Damus, the tireless laborers and craftsman of the Eastern Prince, the ritualists of the Heirophant, the masons and stoneworkers of King Higraf and the engineers and architects of Merxia.

Years passed as the wonderous titans were constructed. Arguments erupted between nations and resources became scarce. There was only enough material to create three Wonderous Titans.

1. Titan Coronation of Merxia
2. Titan Seraph of the Heirophant
3. Titan Foundation

The Reclamation

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